Barentz und Roquette erweitern Ihre Partnerschaft durch Zusammenarbeit in der Schweiz






Barentz-Sander AG, founded in Zug, Switzerland.  

After 9 months of close collaboration, Barentz Europe BV and Ernst Sander AG, have decided to continue together in the newly formed joint venture company Barentz-Sander AG, located in Zug, Switzerland .


Barentz-Sander AG will focus on customers in the food, feed and pharma-cosmetic industries and will provide its customers a complete portfolio of ingredients and additives, flavours and micronutrients. 



Barentz Europe BV will provide the joint venture with the products from its pan-European principles, the know-how of its centres of excellence and its sourcing organisation. 

Ernst Sander AG is already more than 135 years active in the Swiss market and has a close client intimacy with the Swiss industry.  





Comments Alex Koller, CEO of Barentz-Sander AG: “Over the past months we have seen that by joining the market knowledge of Sander and the pan-European approach of Barentz we have been able to grow much faster together.


Our customers are pleased with our enlarged product portfolio and the in-house knowledge that we are able to offer in Barentz-Sander AG.


With our dedicated team for the food, the feed, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, we will continue to improve our service and offering to these segments."




Switzerland- Alex Koller                           : +41 41 710 61 41

Europe- Rinus Heemskerk                      : +31 23 567 34 56






About Barentz Europe BV

Barentz Europe is a privately owned company and a leading specialty raw material company in Europe , active with over 425 people in 29 countries. The company is active in distribution towards the food, feed, pharma-cosmetic and chemical industries. The turnover of the Barentz Group in 2007 amounted over 450 M €.






About Ernst Sander AG

Founded in 1871, Ernst Sander AG is a privately owned distribution company located in Zug, Switzerland. The company supplies in speciality products for the Swiss industry. Owned by the Koller family, Ernst Sander AG has earned a reputation as a solid distribution house in the Swiss market.






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